Make. Share. Learn. Connect.

All are welcome to come work on a project (that can be done indoors), share about a project, or just chat about making, learning, or whatever you are passionate about!

We will have arduinos, a 3d-printer, art supplies, games, and other fun stuff to play around with, and cool people to learn from.

Some of our members are working on some entrepreneurial projects, as well. Do you have a product or business idea you've been thinking about?

What are you interested in making, doing, or learning? Come join us on Sundays and share! Or, come see what we're up to, here!

There is currently no cost for joining us.
Donations are appreciated.


Launching a Community Makerspace in Lakeland:

L.M.C.'s vision... 

We are excited to be in the early-stages of launching a full-fledged Community Makerspace in Lakeland! This means we will have a shared workspace, in Lakeland, where *YOU can have access to:

- A space for working on projects
- Great tools and equipment you need to use
- Knowledge and skills you want to learn
- New friends with diverse, practical skills

We will help provide the great tools and equipment that you need to make the amazing things you have always thought about making – or wondered if you could! It's also a special community center where we can share skills and knowledge, and work together on projects of all kinds.

You can come find an exciting project to help work on, or a class to take; and we'll help you organize the classes and projects that YOU want to be a part of. Whether you want put an idea into motion, or you want to see what interesting things others have to share, you will definitely want to come check us out!

As we grow and develop into the very near future, we will procure some more great tools and equipment that we can all have open access to, and we will move into a more permanent location.

Right now, we are a community of makers and new friends who work on projects together, and agree to share our access to workspaces and tools when we are able to. Our members have plenty of basic tools, and some high end tools that we may be able to make available for cool projects, including:
- Power saws
- Drills
- Welders
- Sewing Machines
- Construction tools
- a 3D-printer!
… and more!

What are you interested in making, doing, or learning? Come join us on Sundays and share your thoughts!

LulzBot Mini Prototype
a^2 + b^2 = c^2
Open Make Arts and Crafts
Open Make
Homemade stand up bass
Open Make
EL Wire
Building our Oobleck Chamber
Building Our Oobleck Chamber
Building Our Oobleck Chamber
Building Our Oobleck Chamber

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A geometric proof of the Pythagorean Theorem... explained simply!